ikUtlah saYer~

Saturday, May 18

kdg2 ase cm kami okay je..
tp kdg2 ase cm bermasalah..
mcm mne nk selesaikn mslh klau x tau ap mslhnye?
time2 ni laaa nk dtg mcm2 mslhnye kn..
emosi xstabil..
n i do really know..
the moment she going to her sister's house..
dy nk jauhkn diri dr sy..
sgt2 terkilan but i can't do anything bout that..
all i can do is..let her go n find her own peacefulness..
sbbnyee..i know her really well..

kwn dy ni..xtau nk tnjuk prasaan sbnr dy kt org2 dilua sane..
all i can do is..keeping all the things n problem by myself..
it is not that i am not believing my friends or anyone else..
but, it's more like i don't want to burden others with my things..
and, that's why.. sometimes i do get angry,sad,tension easily..
my only hope is..
that my friends understand my situation and just act like they usually act..

for me..for those who know me well..
they will know that i hardly show my feeling towards others,..
whatever feeling it is..
either it is concern, care or sad..
xtau nape..but it's kind of burden me too..
nak tny org nape dy  jd cmtu,..nape kite jd cmni..nape dy bla bla..
sy hny mmpu tny dlm hati..xleh nk zahirkn dgn perkataan..
even sy mcm x amik kisah..
actually..i absolutely care about it..
n that's me ~